Michelman Privacy Protection Policy

Michelman (Shanghai) Chemical Trading Co., Ltd. (“Michelman”) promises to protect the confidentiality and safety of the information provided by you. While there is no guarantee that such information will be completely secure and will not be obtained or used without authorization, the purpose of the following policy is to inform you that we will take the following steps to protect the information you provide to us. We encourage you to read this Policy carefully before providing us with your personal information.


Collection and Use of Personal Information

Personal information refers to various information recorded electronically or otherwise that can identify a particular natural person or reflect the activity of a particular natural person, either alone or in combination with other information.

Michelman collects your personal data from our website to provide services or fulfill orders, provide you with the information and samples you request, provide you with a customized interactive experience and assist us to develop new products and new service to meet your needs. The information we need may include personally identifiable information such as your name, billing and shipping address, phone number or email address. You have the right to decide whether or not to provide us with such personally identifiable information. If you choose not to provide such information, we may not be able to process orders, provide services or show you certain content on our website. It is important to note that Michelman will not anonymously or through an unofficial channel under any circumstances ask you to provide personal information.

Share, Transfer and Public Disclosure of Personal Information

Michelman believes that the personally identifiable information we hold is confidential and our Policy is to not share, transfer or publicly disclose your personal information to any third party, except as required by law or regulation or as mandatory by the competent government authorities to share or to publicly disclose, or we have solicited and obtained your explicit consent, or when the following exceptions apply:

  • Share your personal information with our group or affiliates: Your personal information may be shared with Michelman's group or affiliates. We only share the necessary personal information and are bound by the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. If the group or affiliate company wants to change the purpose of processing personal information, we will ask for your authorization again.
  • Share your personal information with authorized partners. Michelman may have third parties fulfill their order obligations or operate the website. In this case, Michelman will provide these companies with the personal information they need to provide the above services. We will only share your personal information for legitimate, necessary, and specific purposes, and will only share the personal information necessary to provide the service. Michelman will take commercially reasonable steps to require such companies to use the same standards as Michelman's personal information to protect such information and may not use such information for any purpose other than to complete the above transaction.
  • If there is a merger, acquisition or bankruptcy liquidation of a certain brand or part or all of the company or assets of Michelman, or other circumstances involving mergers, acquisitions or bankruptcy liquidation, when it comes to the transfer of personal information, we will ask the company or organization that holding your information continues to be bound by this Policy, otherwise we will require the company, organization and individual to re-seek for your consent.

Collection and Use of Non-Personal Information

Michelman tracks the information that is accessed on its website, and in this way, it may collect your IP address, browser type or information about your computer's operating system. Such non-personal information is not linked to your personally identifiable information. Such non-personal data collected may be used to analyze trends and customer interests, improve website management, track your website activity, and collect a wide range of demographic information to better understand and serve our customers.

Michelman may also use a technology called "Cookie." A "cookie" is a small piece of information that a website sends to your browser and may then be stored on your computer system. Cookies typically include identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters. If you visit a website, the website uses cookies to identify you. In this way, Michelman can improve the user-friendliness of the site and adapt the site to your needs. We do not use cookies for any purpose other than those stated in this Policy. You can set up your browser so that you can be notified when you receive a Cookie, giving you the opportunity to decide whether or not to accept the Cookie. However, if your browser does not accept Cookies from this website, you will not be able to access or use all of the features of this website.

In addition to Cookies, we may also use other similar technologies such as web beacons and pixel tags on our website. For example, the email we send to you may contain an address link to the content of our website. If you click on the link, we will track the click to help us understand your product or service preferences so that we can improve customer service proactively. A web beacon is usually a transparent image that is embedded in a website or email. With the pixel tags in the email, we can tell if the email is open. If you don't want to be tracked this way, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time.

Our website may contain "links" to other websites. We will make every effort to ensure that we only provide links to websites that implement strict privacy standards and respect privacy. However, we are not responsible for the content or privacy protections of other websites. For this reason, we encourage you to carefully read the privacy policies of these websites before disclosing them or disclosing any personal information through them.

Handling of Children's Personal Information

Although local laws and customs define children differently, we treat anyone under the age of 14 as a child. Michelman does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 14 through its website. Michelman does not currently allow children under the age of 14 to register or participate in contests or promotions on their websites. However, if the parent or guardian of a child under the age of 14 believes that the child has provided us with personally identifiable information and they wish to remove such information from our documents, the child's parent or guardian shall contact us. If Michelman is aware that there is personally identifiable information about children under the age of 14 in our searchable documents, we will remove such information from our existing documents. In addition, anyone under the age of 18 should obtain the consent of their parent or guardian before using any personal information on this website or disclosing any personal information on this website. If you are a guardian of a minor, please contact us through the contact details in this Privacy Policy when you have questions about the personal information of the minor you are monitoring.

Global Transfer of Personal Information

Michelman provides products and services through resources and servers around the world, this means that with your authorization, your personal data may be transferred to the foreign jurisdiction of the country where you use the product or service, or access to these jurisdictions. These jurisdictions may have different data protection laws or even no relevant laws. In such cases, we will ensure that your personal information is adequately protected within the territory of the People's Republic of China. For example, we will ask you to agree to cross-border transfer of personal information or to implement data de-identification and other security measures before cross-border data transfer.

Our Protection of Personal Information

We will adopt industry-standard security measures, including the establishment of reasonable system specifications and security technologies to prevent unauthorized access and modification of your personal information, and to avoid data corruption or loss. We will take all reasonable and practicable steps to protect your personal information and to ensure that unrelated personal information is not collected. For example, we use encryption to ensure data confidentiality, use trusted protection mechanisms to protect against data attacks; we deploy access control mechanisms to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to personal information, and we conduct security and privacy protection training to strengthen employees' awareness of the importance of protecting personal information.

If our physical, technical, or administrative protection tests are compromised that result in unauthorized access, public disclosure, tampering, or destruction of personal information security incidents, we will promptly notify you of the basic situation and possible impacts, the measures taken or to be taken and the advice you can take to prevent and mitigate risks, the remedies for you, etc.in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements. We will also proactively report the handling of personal information security incidents in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities.

Agree and Amend the Privacy Policy

By using this Website, you agree to Michelman's online privacy protection Policy. If you do not agree to this Policy, please do not use our website. We reserve the right to change, modify, add or delete certain portions of this Policy at our sole discretion and may update this page to reflect the date of the most recent update. Please check this page regularly for changes. After the announcement of the changes to the above terms, if you continue to use our website, you will accept the changes.

You may request Michelman to provide you with access to the personal information it collects about you, or if you have any doubts or concerns about your privacy information, or wish to remove or modify information about you from our mailing list. Websites are preferred to receive information, please contact Michelman directly. Click here to send us an email, call (513) 793-7766 or send an email to the following email address.

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Michelman is committed to working with consumers to fairly resolve any complaints or concerns related to privacy protection.