Value Chain Collaboration Produces Award-Winning Innovation in Recyclable Packaging

Michelman's close collaboration with market leaders BOBST and UPM Specialty Papers, resulting in the groundbreaking oneBARRIER solutions, continues to make waves across the packaging industry. The oneBARRIER FibreCycle project has been recognized for its contribution toward more sustainable packaging via two prestigious awards.

Packaging Europe's 2023 Sustainability Awards

The Sustainability Awards is a global competition highlighting sustainable packaging innovation in response to environmental challenges. It encourages a comprehensive approach, setting best practices, focusing on key R&D areas, and distinguishing meaningful innovations from greenwashing. The initiative, free to enter, welcomes participants across the packaging value chain, from start-ups to global brands and universities. As its criteria continue to evolve, the initiative emphasizes holistic impacts, transparency, and the prevention of unintended consequences. Organized by Packaging Europe, a leading publication to the packaging industry, the competition features independent judging by a diverse international jury, ensuring credibility and impartiality.

Our oneBARRIER FibreCycle solution won in the Pre-Commercialized Recyclable Packaging category. This end-to-end solution will help combat the plastic waste crisis by offering a high-quality packaging solution that addresses sustainability concerns. Thierry Van Migem, Michelman’s Sales Director, EMEA, comments that "Michelman will continue pushing boundaries via strong value chain collaborations with expert partners such as BOBST and UPM Specialty Papers.”

FEDIL Environment Prize

Founded in 1918, FEDIL is a pivotal business federation, representing 690 members across 37 sectors and playing a crucial role in Luxembourg's industry. Its member organizations contribute significantly to the country's industrial production, serving as key contributors to Luxembourg's position as a financial and logistical hub in the European economy.

The FEDIL Environment Prize aims to acknowledge companies for their technical and financial endeavors that seek to harmonize productivity with the conservation of natural resources, sustainable development, and energy efficiency. The prize is open for categories such as clean technologies, focusing on innovative processes to minimize environmental impact, "green" products designed with environmental protection considerations throughout their life cycle, and environmental management, recognizing innovative actions to enhance environmental stewardship.

Our oneBARRIER FibreCycle solution won the Product category. Paul Griffith, Michelman’s CMO and EVP, EMEA, Agriculture and Printing & Packaging, states “It is extraordinarily gratifying to activate our purpose of Innovating a Sustainable Future by working with like-minded industry leaders to develop environmentally friendly packaging solutions.”

We would like to thank our entire team of Michelman Associates and the teams at BOBST and UPM for their collective efforts in developing this extraordinarily innovative sustainable packaging solution!

About oneBARRIER FibreCycle

oneBARRIER FibreCycle is a recycle-ready, high-barrier, paper-based alternative to plastic-based flexible packaging. The coating system, designed by Michelman, provides enhanced oxygen, aroma, moisture, and mineral oil barriers; oil & grease resistance; an airtight heat seal; and print receptivity at low coat weight while simultaneously enabling metallization.