Michelman is one of the world’s most trusted brands of water-based barrier and functional coatings for paper and corrugated. Our application specialists work closely with paper converters in China and around the globe, helping them develop and apply coatings that offer superior oil and grease resistance, water resistance, MVTR control, abrasion resistance and more. With decades of experience, and a deep working knowledge of the entire supply chain, Michelman coatings add value and improve the performance of your paper and paper packaging.

A few of our featured applications include:

  • Water resistant and MVTR controlling coatings for fruit and vegetable boxes
  • Oil and water resistant coatings for paper plates
  • Water and grease resistant coating for molded fiber

Michelman paper and corrugated coatings are water-based and repulpable making them a perfect solution to environmental concerns. Water-based coatings are safer to apply, conserve resources in production, and often simply do a better job of protecting contents than alternatives. They are also easy and safe to apply, and approved for food contact, so they are also good for your employees and the consumer.

Featured Coatings

  • VaporCoat™ 2200R – provides water and grease resistance and excellent MVTR properties on kraft liner and other substrates. When properly applied over a base coat, this repulpable coating is recommended as a replacement for some curtain coating applications, poly-laminated board and plastic bags.
  • VaporCoat™ 330C – a repulpable, printable and cold set gluable moisture vapor coating. Common uses for VaporCoat® 330C include roll wrap, produce boxes, poultry boxes and anywhere packaged goods require protection from water and or moisture vapor.
ProductWater ResistanceGrease ResistanceMVTRRepulpableCold Set Gluable
Coating X300TM AF 
HydraBanTM 708 
HydroWhiteTM 18M 
Michem® Coat 55A 
SofTakTM 100  
VaporCoatTM 330C
VaporCoatTM 2200 


Free Trade Benefits
Many of our additives and surface modifiers are manufactured in Singapore and fall under the terms of the ASEAN–China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA). Please contact us for more information.