Our water-based Michem® Flex extrusion coating primers promote strong adhesion between extruded resins, liquid top coats, UV cured inks and coatings and the flexible packaging substrate – whether that is paper, aluminum foil or plastic film.

Michelman extrusion primers create a strong bond between polymeric extrudates and the web substrate. Strong adhesion and chemical resistance properties make them suitable for aggressive packaged materials containing mild acids, oils, fats and fragrances and ensure the quality of the finished packaging.

Michem Flex primers are concentrated liquids and effective at very thin coating weights, reducing material costs. Converters can now process a wide variety of substrates and produce a range of flexible packaging structures.

The Michem Flex Advantage:

  • Water-based
  • Gravure, smooth roll or flexo application
  • Strong substrate adhesion
  • Acceptable for food packaging
ProductFlexo ApplicationWater ResistantChemical ResistantAdhesion to PaperAdhesion to AluminumAdhesion to Film
Michem® Flex P1852
Michem® Flex P1853 
Michem® Flex P1883  
Michem® Flex P2300   


Free Trade Benefits
Many of our additives and surface modifiers are manufactured in Singapore and fall under the terms of the ASEAN–China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA). Please contact us for more information.