Optimize your digital printing results with a variety of primer and overprint varnish solutions designed for specific digital printing applications.

Digital Printing Primers

DigiPrime® is our most versatile and popular water-based digital printing primer solution and is designed for optimal ink receptivity. You can rest assured that what you want to put down in print, ends up looking exactly as you intended.  Our solutions include primers optimized for the new HP Indigo 20000 and 30000 presses.

Michem® In-Line Primers are designed for three HP Indigo printers equipped with in-line priming applicators – the W3250, W7200 and the WS6600. These HP digital printers offer printing and priming of various substrates in a single in-line machine.

Sapphire is a water-based digital printing primer treatment used for optimizing papers for the HP Indigo commercial presses such as the 5000 and 7000 series. The treatment is based on the application of a water-soluble polymer.

Digital Printing Overprint Varnish

Digital printing overprint varnishes are used to enhance appearance and protect printed materials. Our varnishes are applied in liquid form over the digital print and then require some form of drying or curing. During this process, the liquid overprint varnish hardens and then offers protection against physical and chemical damage.

Keeping Up with Digital Printing Technology

As with any technology driven industry, the digital printing market evolves quickly over time. Users are seeing a steady stream of new printers and new application techniques on a wider variety of substrates. Michelman digital printing supplies, including primer and overprint varnish technology has also evolved to stay ahead of the curve, making it easier for you to take advantage of the new capabilities offered by HP and other digital press manufacturers.


ProductOff-line PrimerIn-line PrimerSubstrates
DigiPrime® 2000 Paper, some Synthetics
DigiPrime® 4431 Paper & Synthetics
DigiPrime® 4431N10 Paper
DigiPrime® 5000 Soft Vinyls
Michem® In-Line Primers   
Michem® In-Line Primer 030 Paper
Michem® In-Line Primer 040 Synthetics
Michem® In-Line Primer 1188 Cleaning Solution
Michem® In-Line Primer Q4324A Coated Paper
Michem® In-Line Primer Q4325A Uncoated Paper
Sapphire 5.0 (Q4310A) Paper
Topaz 17S Paper


Free Trade Benefits
Many of our additives and surface modifiers are manufactured in Singapore and fall under the terms of the ASEAN–China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA). Please contact us for more information.