Licomer™ system of polymer dispersions and wax emulsions for the care and maintenance of high traffic surfaces in flooring, automotive, furniture, and soft goods applications.

Automotive Care

Buffable polishes for automotive exterior that produce a hard lasting finish, and leather coating additives based on Michelman wax emulsions.

Furniture Polish

Buffable polishes for fine wood furniture that produce a hard, lasting finish, based on Michelman wax emulsions and polymers.


Licomer™ products for dry-bright polishes and other easy to apply household formulations are available for all types of commonly used hard and resilient floor surfaces.  These products are low VOC, APE-free, and formaldehyde-free.

Industrial & Institutional

Designed for the most demanding Industrial & Institutional applications, the Licomer™ system is maintenance-friendly for all types of flooring surfaces. Our environmentally friendly products feature:

  • Low VOC, APE-free, formaldehyde-free
  • Optimum balance of polish buffability, low maintenance, hardness, durability, slip resistance and gloss
  • Leveling aids for a superior finish
  • Durability against scuff & mar, black heel marks, and harsh cleaning chemicals