ProHere® and other specialty brand solutions for factory-applied and field-applied protective coatings on metal, concrete, wood or plastic.

Industrial Wood & Plastic

Our range of polymers allow formulators to operate across a broad range of end use requirements from high touch consumer electronics to high traffic floor systems. The polymers may be adapted to original factory finishes or in-field formulations. Surface appearance, haptics, and durability may be further enhanced with various Michem® surface modifier additives in the formulation.

Industrial Maintenance

Selected Michelman waterborne polymers and additives are ideally suited for direct-to-metal primer and coating formulations, offering a range of functional properties.

General Metal

ProHere® polymers and surface modifiers for waterborne metal coatings enhance lubricity; torque, tension and noise control; as well as appearance, haptics, durability, and anti-scratching of the finish.

Can & Coil

The addition of a Michelman emulsion or dispersion enhances the processing and performance of a wide range of metal products by improving mar and scratch resistance, mobility, slip/lubricity and corrosion resistance. Many of our products are waterborne and achieve these goals without solvents.


Michem® Seal products are fully formulated concentrates; specific grades are designed for dilution followed by application onto concrete surfaces, or direct incorporation into cementitious mixtures. For maximum formulation flexibility, our extensive line of Michem surface additives, NatureShield™ natural oil emulsions add specific attributes to water-based protective and cure and seal formulations.