NurtureYield™ waterborne formulation additives improve flow and planting behavior of seeds; processing and controlled release in fertilizers; and shelf life of harvested produce.


Upon wetting the surface of fertilizer granules, NurtureYield™ K anti-caking agents dry quickly to form a hydrophobic layer that slows the rate of moisture absorption.

Fruit & Vegetable Coatings

Several Michelman emulsion products are used to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. Used “neat” or as an additive, these products can delay ripening, delay color changes, reduce water loss, and improve appearance. All are water-based and FDA-compliant.

Seed Coatings

Seed treatments and coatings increase the usefulness of high value seeds from field crops to vegetables and ornamentals. Michelman additives can aid in ensuring the even processing and planting of seeds. They can also help in controlling moisture, aiding antiblock and providing binding properties.