We offer a comprehensive selection of fiber sizings, film formers, binders and lubricants formulated specifically for fiberglass, carbon fiber, natural fiber and high value specialty fibers in chopped or continuous form applications. The versatile chemistries we offer help prevent fiber breakage during forming, processing, and post processing and are specifically designed to facilitate processing, ease handling and optimize properties in various matrices.

Our deep application knowledge and highly trained application specialists allow us to help you overcome the unique challenges you face with fiber sizing formulations.

Fiber Sizings for use in Polypropylene Composite Applications

We manufacture dispersions of both high and low MW PP-g-MA, and have the expertise to meet all your technical requirements.

Fiber Sizings for use in Polyamide/PBT Composite Applications

We offer grades of Hydrosize® fiber sizing that are compatible with polyamide and PBT, and formulated to react with the resins during compounding. They remain stable as pH changes, and in the presence of silane and many other additives. Grades are available made with polyether soft segments to maximize hydrolytic stability and with polyester soft segments to maximize thermal stability. All are solvent and APE free.

Fiber Sizings for use in High Temperature Applications

Many composites require high temperature processing, or are used in high temperature applications. These applications typically require the use of high temperature polyimide, polyamide, PEEK or PEK resins.

Our polyimide-based Hydrosize HP1632 has been designed specifically for high temperature applications. Its onset of degradation is >500 °C and it is as thermally stable as most high performance resins.

ProductAvailable FormWax Type / Solids TypeEmulsifier Type
FGLASSTM X48DispersionMaleated PolypropyleneAnionic / Nonionic
FGLASSTM X90SolutionEthylene Maleic Anhydride CopolymerN/A
HydrolubeTM 723EmulsionParaffinNonionic
HydrosizeTM HP-1632SolutionPolyimideN/A
HydrosizeTM HP3-02EmulsionPhenoxy DispersionAnionic/ Nonionic
HydrosizeTM PP2-01DispersionMaleated PolypropyleneAnionic/ Nonionic
HydrosizeTM U2022DispersionPolyurethaneAnionic/ Nonionic
HydrosizeTM U6-01SolutionPolyurethaneAnionic/ Nonionic
Michem Emulsion   
Michem® Emulsion 48625M1SolutionBdMAN/A
Michem® Emulsion 91735EmulsionMaleated PolypropyleneAnionic/ Nonionic
Michem® Emulsion 93135MEmulsionHigh Density PolyethyleneAnionic/ Nonionic
Michem Prime   
Michem® Prime 4983RSpecialty DispersionCopolymerAmmoniated Dispersion


Free Trade Benefits
Many of our additives and surface modifiers are manufactured in Singapore and fall under the terms of the ASEAN China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA). Please contact us for more information.